Monday, 1 October 2012

Sunday Morning Whiteout

The day after the mighty Mugstar conquered Liverpool Psychfest I rediscovered a tape of old John Peel sessions from the days when I was doing as little zoology as possible at university. In amongst the two Dinosaur Jr session, the first three Pixies sessions, a House of Love session and songs by Slint, Bailter Space, Snapper, the Cateran and half a Mudhoney track, was a very nice surprise indeed. I'd forgotten that the Live Skull session featured a brilliantly intenseley immense and otherwise unreleased song. I hadn't written the title on the inlay and so I have emailed former Live Skull singer Thalia Zedek to ask her if she can remember it.

A few days later after a little confusion, Thalia got back to me to inform me that ol' Uncle John P hadn't mentioned the name of the song as the band hadn't given it one.

"The song you are talking about has a chorus that goes something like " Look at you, wrapped up in your regrets, couldn't leave. Said you weren't finished yet, I think you I know what you're waiting for". I don't think it was ever recorded anywhere else and it probably didn't never had a name."

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