Thursday, 18 October 2012

Unsane and Suzuki Junzo

Today I've been having a blast of the new Unsane ( album "Wreck" on
which closes with a great cover of the Flipper classic "Ha Ha Ha."
It sounds like their best yet and the first song "Rats" (not a Sonic Youth or Syd Barrett cover) could be about my dirty dopey naybores Malicious Shitnagaff the Tanzanian loudmouth and pathetic ratfaced David Slobs-born, an alcoholic junkie who is on probation for robbing his mother in order to keep pumping himself full of toxic chemicals that shut down his vacuous mind. The song that sums up those two fools best though is "Thick As Thieves" by The Jam.

Last night I was enjoying some fantastic psychedelic improvisation from a hastily convened quartet of guitarists Nick "Golden Lab" Mitchell, Darren Adcock and Edwin "Sex Hands" Stevens with former Serf Tom Settle on drums.  When I asked him later what the name of the band was, Edwin decided then and there to call them Gaybus. The other former Serf Jon Collin played a quiet solo acoustic guitar improvisation which eventually grew manic with fast finger picking and was better than his support spot for Dylan Carlson the previous evening at Kraak Gallery. Next to enliven the upstairs room at Dulcimer in Chorlton were Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, the dup of drummer Pascal Nichols and flutist Kelly Jane Jones, who played the best snake charmer rattles I've heard from them yet. The main event was Tokyo guitarist Suzuki Junzo, who finished his excellent set with a mighty mind levitating feedback blast feast. I considered it to be the best gig I've attended since Nomeansno finished their tour at Leeds Brudenell Social Club. 

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