Monday, 8 October 2012


Nomeansno are three older punks who put the young bloods to shame. I just saw them twice over the weekend. Liverpool Kazimier was great despite bassist Rob Wright's monitor problems which led to dropping at least one song from the set. The venue now has Old Rosie scrumpy on tap which is good news. The Leeds Brudenell gig was more fun than any Manchester gig since Killing Joke! Afterwards I got harrased by the police for singing a Stranglers song, took their numbers as they both lied, kissed by a drunk girl on the train, and the found a bottle of vodka near Anal Street.

Nomeansno came on to a remix of "The River" which they were selling on a 12" white vinyl butchery disc. In Leeds I also picked up the support band Beards album as they were much more my tea than the pop punkers in Liverpool. When I saw my friend Jenny on the door at Kazimier the first words I said were from a Undertones song: "You've got my number, why don't you use it?" as she had the numbers for the ripoff credit card sales that advertise at a one pound fee but really add £2.50. Lo and behold the encore included an Undertones song "Male Model," not only synchronous but very funny considering the aged appearance of the venerable Canadian trio. I avoided credit card cons for Leeds by asking the friendly T-shirt / record seller to put me on a list of people who can get into the gig come hell or high water, which was a good idea as Leeds sold out.

Set highlights for me were:

The Tower

Graveyard Shift

The River (full band version opening the set in Leeds for which I was right down the front)

The World Wasn't Built in a Day (spoiled in Liverpool by all the drunks shouting over it)

Cats, Sex and Nazis (which I think they only played in Leeds)

Oh No Bruno (Leeds only)

Ghosts of Time

Would We Be Alive? (Residents cover)

I'm an Asshole (dedicated by Rob to himself)

One song was presumably new as it was unfamiliar to me (Illuminate) and another fast one, possibly a cover, only played in Leeds, I also did not recognise.

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