Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Music I Listened to in July

This is the new music was listening to in July 2014:

1.7 Black Bananas promo stream from Mutante 
out 23.6.14 on Drag City Records

3.7 CDs from Vinyl Exchange
Ultravox! - Ha!-Ha!-Ha! 1977
The Young Gods 1985
Thela - Thela 1995
Bruce Russell - Gilded Splinters (tape works 1995-2005)
The Body - Christs Redeemers 2013
The Baptist Generals - Jackleg Devotional to the Heart 2013

3.7 Two LPs from Piccadilly Records
The Night Marchers - Allez! Allez! 2014
Mudhoney - Live at Third Man Records 2014

4.7 Two promo CDRs given to me by Brett Savage of Dead Sea Apes at their gig at Kraak Gallery with The Oscillation
The Oscillation - Cable Street Sessions 2014
Anthroprophh - Precession 2014

10.7 Two CDs from King Bee Records, Chorlton
J Church - The Drama of Alienation 1996
J Church - The Ecstasy of Communication 1997

13.7 Three LPs on Golden Lab Records bought from Nick Mitchell direct on returning from our trip to Liverpool to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura - Dieter Dierks Jerks 2914
Chalaque - Switching Center 2014
Howling Hex - Rogue Moon 2009

15.7 Two promos delivered to my friend David Armes, guitarist of Last Harbour, as my mail sometimes gets stolen by a skunk addled idiot son of an alcoholic woman on the floor below or his stupid friends
Black Bananas - Electric Brick Wall (Drag City) June 2014
Trans Am - Volume X (Thrill Jockey) released 11.08.14

17.7 CDR given to me by Rob Allen of Robot Alien at their gig at The Castle supporing Claw the Thin Ice
Robot Alien - Putdown EP

18.7 Two song CD single given away at Dulcimer gig
The Creature Comfort - Sauce

21.7 Three 50p bargain bin promos from Vinyl Exchange
Shield Patterns - Contour Lines 2014
Ovo - Abisso 2014
New War - New War 2013

23.7 I exchanged nine records and nine CDs in Vinyl Exchange and brought home
Makoto Kawabata - Inui 3
Okkultokrati - Night Jerks 2014
Emma Ruth Rundle - Some Heavy Ocean 2014
Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective - Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog 2007
Kim Salmon and the Surrealists - S/T 1995
Nirvana - Nevermind 2CD remaster 1991/2001
Minor Threat - First Demo Tape 1981/2003
Oneida - Come On Everybody Lets Rock 2000
Hugo Race and True Spirit - last Frontier 1998
Phantom Tollbooth and Robert Pollard - Beard of Lightning 1988/2003
Go Back Snowball - Calling Zero (Robert Pollard) 2002
Velvet Monkeys - Everything is Right 2011

24.7 After Ex-Easter Island Head played a mind-blowing afternoon free gig at St Ann's Church I bought two LPs from them
Ex-Easter Island Head Large Electric Ensemble
Ex-Easter Island Head - Mallet Guitars Three
David Armes gave me a promo CD of the fourth release on his Little Crackd Rabbit label
Black Walls - Communion
Later I went to Fopp and bagged some cheap CDs
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Life 1987
Neil Young - Live at the Cellar Door 1970
Neil Young - A Treasure
Damon and Naomi - False Beats and True Hearts
Savage Republic - Varvahios
The Wire magazine with Wire Tapper 35 compilation, an "epiphany" by Graham Lewis of Wire and an interview with Trevor Wishart   

28.7 I took some CDs, books and records to King Bee Records in Chorlton and bagged two LPs
The Seeds - Fallin' Off the Edge
Lydia Lunch - 13:13
and five cheap CDs
Richard Thompson - Amnesia
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
The Damned - Final Damnation
Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx!
Neil Young - Silver and Gold

Later at the UV Race / Sex Hands / Dinner Party gig at Kraak Gallery I bought the very last new music to be played in the flat I'm moving out of and that was the Dinner Party Live tape.

However the very last song I played in that grotty firetrap was "Sedan Delivery" by Neil Young and Crazy Horse (Year of the Horse live version): Gotta get away! Gotta get outta there!