Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wobble Monopoly

Everyone I spoke to told me I'd be silly to miss Wobble and Levene and that was my feeling too, even though the Stranglers are in the best shape I've ever heard them these days. They started proceedings with an amusing interview conducted by John Robb, who would later do a passable Lydon impression. Wobble recalled an acid tripping drummer on space invaders and explained why Brian Eno is a cunt. With that all made clear, Keith Levene had a few acerbic words and for some reason stared at me as if he was Spanish as he walked on stage. Wobble said he wanted to show us all a bass line and this was the low key way of starting the gig with a very long Poptones. Their drummer was most able and that trio would have been enough really, but they also had a trumpeter which added a bit of colour. Slightly more superflouous were the vocals. I think the second number Memories was the best and that might be partly because I think they did an instrumental take of that powehouse groove, extending it on and on and on and on and on. Robb was a much better frontman than matey boy from Northside who Wobble invited to sing a charisma free Public Image. It didn't matter though, as the bass carried it and when the line about "Not a game of monopoly" spewed forth I chucked a wad of torn up fake money in the air for Lydon's lawyers who tried to stop this gig. They finished with Annalisa, with Robb totally wired and giving the mike to some fans whose enthusiasm was in dastic excesto their talent. They also played Graveyard but didn't do Chant, Socialist, Caeering or Albatross.

Tickets were £14 in advance.
£20 on the door.
Not a game of monopoly?

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