Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Glitch Leak / Fopp Colony Collapse

I am currently listening to Glitch from the new Killing Joke album on youtube.
Already had a listen to Corporate Elect, All Hallows Eve and Colony Collapse which all sound excellent.
No need to buy the album then, thanks to journalists sharing.
Better than the one who sold a copy to Vinyl Exchange!
I went to Probe Records, Picadilly Records, Vinyl Exchange, fopp and HMV in search of the In Cythera single on Monday 25/3 but none of them had it. Fopp assured me that CD singles no longer exist and that I would have to pay for a download. If that's their attitude no wonder they're going out of business!

Someone must be doing press for Killing Joke!

It is easy to get it all for free without bothering with them anyway these days!
May the farce be with you!

Does the Spinefam record label actually have distribution?

Picadilly said they couldn't get hold of the single or the album on vinyl but at least said they'd have the CD on Monday if the world lasts that long.

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