Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Gathering vs. Corporate Elect

There is a big banner demanding
on Market Street, Nottingham
where the Occupy Nottingham people have set up tents and are giving out information about the
I talked with them and other citizens in the home of Robin Hood about the need to push just a little bit harder... if all who reject those who would control us push together their house of cards will tumble.

In Bristol where I returned twice after my initial visit for the second gig on Killing Joke's British tour, the YHA had a painting of a homeless man with a sign reading
"Don't give me coins, I want

After the gig I sat opposite that picture and had a drink with longtime Gatherer Paul Richards who was also staying on the waterfront.

All last night in Nottingham the computer I am using today was left with the youtube video of Corporate Elect in Manchester open and ready to blast.

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