Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Unspeakable Cheltenham Exit

I didn't expect to end up visiting Jaz Coleman's hometown of Cheltenham on my trip around the country, but on my third journey to Bristol the coach waited there a while. I had been listening to "The Raven" by the Stranglers but after 'Shah Shah A Go Go' it stopped for no logical end as we drove into Cheltenham and I had to switch to my tape player loaded with my most listened to tape "Laugh, I Nearly Bought One!" Not for the first time electronic devices conspired with the universe to force me to listen to Killing Joke, not that I need much prompting. Unspeakable, Butcher, Exit, The Hum and Empire Song formed an appropriate soundtrack. Just prior to that a news report about "lead in the air" in Gloucestershire was on local radio.

European Super State has proved to be an excellent motoring song, and in Worcester on the way from Bristol to Nottingham for the White Hills gig, it was playing as the coach pulled in beside a ring of blue flags with gold stars.

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