Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Corporate Elect Lost Power

Can a curse be a blessing in disguise?

The worst moment of the Killing Joke tour was certainly when the power blew in Glasgow halfway throught my favourite new song Corporate Elect. I met a Gatherer called Stefan in Victoria House Hotel the next day and he had taken a setlist which confirmed that they'd planned to play the same songs as in Manchester. The word was that electricity supply had disconnected to several buildings in the immediate area of the venue, which meant the Joke had to abandon The Wait, Psyche, Requiem, Wardance and Love Like Blood.

However I later considered that the song on which the power went down was significant.THE CORPORATE ELECT LOST POWERGlasgow is in my opinion the most anti-authority city on this island, so maybe this is a
premonition of

This afternoon I went to Nottingham Castle and did a ritual to accelerate the end of the
Age of Greed.

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