Friday, 9 November 2012

Way Better than Frazer King

Following Gentleman John Robb's hilarious proclamation that Frazer King are the best "up and coming" band in Manchester, here is an inevitably ever expanding list of Manchester rock bands who I consider to be way better than Frazer King. I saw Frazer King at the Night and Day 2012 new year bash and they weren't even the best band on the bill! They were completely upstaged by the Yossarians and solo guitarist bluesman Jim Adama was also more enjoyable.

How many of these better bands have you heard Mr Robb?


Queer'd Science

Warm Widow





Pine Barrens

Last Harbour



Gilded Palace of Sin

Stray Light

Our Man in the Bronze Age

Desmadrados de Soldados Ventura

Rapid Pig

Float Riverer

Hotpants Romance

No Womb

Irma Vep

Sex Hands

Klaus Kinski

Salford Media City

Stranger Son of WB




Day for Airstrikes

Hot Bone


Whole Voyald Infinite Light

Former Bullies

Dead Sea Apes

Claw the Thin Ice


Well Wisher

Bones Shake

Cherry Pips

Jesus Kneivel


Hopper Propelled Electric

Black Fiction

Factory Star

Heroin Diet

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Sea Man

Mr Heart

...although Gnod, Last Harbour, Lonelady, Stranger Son, Hotpants Romance and a few others could be considered to have come up already, whatever that means. The list will inevitably grow, and there are probably other bands I have not yet heard. For example Tim the drummer of Wode was amused by John Robb's comment, "A black metal band from Manchester, who'd have thought it?" There are in fact several others besides Wode, although I have yet to hear any of them.

How many records and/or CDs must a band sell to come up?

How many gigs must a band play to come up?

How big are the venue capacities for an up and come band?

What is their comeuppance?

1 comment:

  1. What a bunch of bullshit!
    Why the hate for Frazer King?

    I watched them on Saurday night in the same venue as this scathing shite review and thought they owned the entire night!

    Professional, Intelligent and Enjoyable to watch/listen to.

    Witty and intricate lyrics and music put these lads way ahead of most of the bands on the list above, each to their own opinion but not justified to say this band are not at the top of the "Unsigned/Up and coming" tree.

    I suggest this reviewer checks these guys out again and then orders a big humble pie, takes a big slice of it and fills his mouth then writes an apology blog.

    I know he wont though, that would B.Hell.