Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Arbouretum were most pleased to be compared by me to Crazy Horse and Velvet Underground, obviously two massive influences on their inspiring songs. The quartet were on top form at Kraak Gallery, especially guitarist Dave Heumann, who seems to play with more intensity every time I see them. The songs with two drummers were also a weighty treat. I nabbed Dave's setlist so it can now be revealed that they played these songs:

Run Honey Run
Down by the Fall Line
Mohammed's Hex
All at Once the Turning Weather
World Split Open
New Scarab
Tonight's a Jewel
False Spring
Coming Out of the Fog

I thought it strange that I only knew two other people at this gig amongst gigs. Down on the street afterwards  met Kiki of No womb and we hit Manchester's finest pub The Castle for a late drinking session. In the pub were Jon and Tim from Rapid Pig and later on Arbouretum turned up and I had a drunken chat with Dave Heumann. It seems they would have played an encore if only we'd all made a bit more noise and shouted for one after the nine song set. The good news is that Thrill jockey will be releasing their new album next year, I think he said January.

Here is a stream of the John Martyn cover with which they started their set, from the tour CDR of mostly cover songs.

New Scarab was a highlight of the set and you can hear the studio version here

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