Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Political Manifesto for the Anti-Capitalist Party

1. No nuclear power, all electricity to be generated by solar, wind, geothermal and tidal means.

2. All arms trading to be made illegal and all politicians who facilitated it such as Arseface Cameron to be put on trial for mass murder by proxy.

3. Tony Blair to be tried for war crimes and starting an illegal war.

4. All empty (second / tax break) homes to be reclaimed by the state and used to house the homeless.

5. Very high tax to be levied on aviation fuel, petrol and diesel.

6. Train and bus fares to be subsidised and drastically reduced.

7. Eating meat only allowed for those prepared to catch and kill the animals themselves.

8. Dairy industry to be phased out.

9. Tobacco to be banned, but cannabis and LSD to be made legal and available in measured dosages.

10. Close all concentration camps for the immigrants.

11. A total ban on all genetically modified foods and toxic additives such as tartrazine and aspartame.

12. All vivisection to be made illegal.

13. All corporations to be billed for the pollution and disease they cause.

14. Usury and all other numerous banking scams to be outlawed.

15. All credit card debts to be cancelled.

Our motto: Screw the economy, environment first!

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