Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wire In Leeds

Graham Lewis had his hat on, hip hip hip hooray! Graham Lewis had his hat on and was coming out to play! Out to play exactly the same set as in Hebden Bridge. The Brudenell however had better sound and they got a fly asking for itself. When a fan shouted "I am the Fly" Lewis informed him, "Not according to Kafka." Kafka was dead so he couldn't have made the gig. I hear he prefers "Underwater Experiences" anyway. Colin Newman spilt some water and Graham proved that he has not only read Kafka, but also Douglas Adams, as he knew where his towel was. This prompted one of my best ever heckles. As Colin mopped up the water just before they played "Blessed State" I sang another song from 1979, "Smash It Up" by The Damned, but I changed the words to, "Mop it up! Mop it up! You've been spilling water for much too long, now you're gonna play us another song!" This was the third time Wire had played Brudenell Social Club, and I went to all three gigs. This one had poorer sound than the previous two, and there were less people there. The most interesting thing about support band Pins is that their name backwards is Snip. I suspect their music would sound better played backwards too, but I think perhaps their lack of peni may have endeared them to Colin?

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