Saturday, 25 April 2015

Red Wire Object Send Change

Whilst reviewing the Wire album they call Wire, I considered my preferences for their 21st century albums and so here it is:

1. Send
2. Change Becomes Us
3. Red Barked Trees
4. Wire
5. Object 47

In the eighties/nineties this is my order of preference:

1. A Bell is a Cup until it is Struck
2. The Ideal Copy
3. Its Beginning to And Back Again
4. Manscape
5. The Drill
6. The First Letter (by Wir)

In the seventies:

1. 154
2. Chairs Missing
3. Pink Flag
4. Document and Eyewitness

Compilations of songs/versions not on albums:

1. Behind the Curtain
2. The Peel Sessions
3. Coatings
4. Turns and Strokes

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