Monday, 17 March 2014

Thalia Zedek Upstairs

Had a real cool time Wednesday 12th March travelling to London to hear Thalia Zedek Band play Upstairs at the Garage. Thalia has a new noisier band called E, and I was in coach E to Euston. I interviewed Thalia before the gig and also enjoyed rockin' support band the Franklys. The climax and highlight of Thalia's set was a full band version of AFLOAT my favourite song from SIX, played solo on the record. On returning I headed straight for the Noise Upstairs at Fuel where Sam Andreae (sax) and Rodrigo Constanzo (drums) were on fine improv form followed by some randomly selected collaborations. On Friday Grails bored me with their post-prog dubby mostly instrumental music until the encore when they revved up a bit of energy. Support band Lilacs and Champagne sounded like the Eagles imitating Tortoise and I fled outside halfway through their set to save my ears. Why does the Soup Kitchen stage have to be so low? I could only see the head of Grails bassist for most of the set with occasional glimpses of the rest of the band when I walked around the room trying to avoid the incessant chatter. Too many people were talking too loud during their gig and Thalia's gig. Everyone listened intently at the improv night in between: evidence that improvisers have better manners than rockers.

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