Tuesday, 18 March 2014

13.3 Tooting Market Cafe

The day after the Thalia Zedek Band gig I sat in Tooting market cafe killing time with vegetable soup before the tube fare decreases. "That's sick!" Two girls weren't commenting on the soup. It was very nice soup. It was my manual tape rewinder that had attracted their attention. They had never seen such a thing in their lives! They eventually left without eating most of their chips. I caught the look of disgust on the Italian waitress's face. "Don't worry, I'm certainly not leaving any of this delicious soup!" I told her. She laughed, "Well they paid for it." But it always is a shame to waste food. WASTE IS OBSCENE as Swans memorably sloganised at immense volume. Why trouble people to cook food and then not eat it? As I was leaving an old man asked if he could take my table in the corner. He was very friendly and the waitress remarked that he is always coming to the cafe. I told her I doubted I'd be back as I live in Manchester, but you never know.

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