Monday, 31 March 2014

CAR/ARC Carla Bozulich

Album of the month is "Boy" by Carla Bozulich on Constellation Records. I prefer it to her band Evangelista and consider it to be the best album she's recorded since my favourite album of hers "Evangelista." Carla sings amazing and emotionally dark songs that combine experimentation with a melodic sense lacking in so much so called experimental music. It seems very appropriate that I interviewed Thalia Zedek this month as Carla must surely be second only to her as North America's greatest singing woman.

An odd synchronicity occured in that the other new album I listened to in the first half of the March was "Archive Volume One" by ARC Soundtracks. The first three letters of both CARla and ARC are the letters of CAR the first single by Thalia Zedek's nineties band Come.
I also enjoyed the reissue of Sleepmakeswaves debut "In Today Already Walks Tomorrow" on Monotreme ( / This has the honour of being the only unsolicited promo CD I've listened to more than once in a hell of a long time. It will appeal to fans of Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai.

I will write longer reviews of these releases quite soon.

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  1. Boy is a beautiful thing... something I can listen to anytime but when I listen in the dark and concentrate, I hear something new each time. Carla B is amazing in that way... she understands structure while understanding the need for a work to transcend. Can't wait to read your review.