Saturday, 1 September 2012

Summer Fun

Over the summer these were my new music acquisitions on heavy rotation:

Swans - The Seer (despite helicopter glitch) promo
Swans - We Rose from your Bed with the Sun in Our Heads double live CD
Bob Mould - Silver Age (released October 1st) promo CDR
Plank! - Animalism LP
Can - The Lost Tapes triple CD in nice tape reel box
Lee Ranaldo - Between the Times and the Tides demos LP
Mark Stewart - The Politics of Envy CD
Kogumaza LP
Killing Joke - In Cythera / Penny Drops red vinyl 12"
Ministry - Relapse CD
Bailter Space - Strobosphere promo CD
XXL - Dude CD
Guided By Voices - Class Clown Spots a UFO promo CDR sold by eNMEy for five cigs?
Zaimph - Imagine Yourself Here LP
Plus Instruments - Feb-April 81 reissue LP

Some older releases I've been enjoying:

Enablers - Now You Can Answer My Prayers 10"
Jarboe - Mahakali CD
Office of Future Plans CD (ex Channels / Jawbox dude)
Ministry - Rio Grande Blood CD (Raven RIP)
Larsen and Friends - ABECEDA CD
Kimmo Pohjonen and Kronos Quartet - Uniko CD
Sunn O))) - Oracle double CD
Dumitrescu / Avram - Live in Israel CD
Joe Crow - Coincidence CD
REM - Reckoning double CD remastered reissue
The Jam - All Mod Cons remastered reissue CD

These new releases I liked but have only played once so far:

Seaming CD
Pontiak - Echo Ono CD
Malka Spigel - Every Day is like the first Day promo CD
Beauty Pagaent - tape in an bogroll tube from gig supporting Warm Widow
Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream Songs promo CDR for a quid!
Guns or Knives - Can't Beat Him Can't Join Him CDR
Dan Sartain - Too Tough to Live promo Cd for a quid!
Gnarwolves - History is Bunk 6 song orange vinyl 7"
The Big Eyes Family Players and Friends - Folk Songs II CD
Barry Adamson - I Will Set You Free CD

The most recent thing I've been listening to is Evan Camaniti's ambient album on Thrill Jockey which is very nice.

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