Thursday, 30 August 2012

NASDAQ funded by Gay Whores

Nasdaq were on fine form as usual at the Gay Whores basement on the 29th day of August, celebrating the release of their new two song CDR EP with a performance that seemed all too short as usual. Before they went on there was some rap playing which prompted me to encapsulate the situation at hand in a rap of my own much to the amusement to everyone I rapped to:

"These guys ain't shit
  There's pennies on the floor
    I'm goin' upstairs to find me a whore"

I'm not really down with the gangster rap vernacular so I didn't need to rhyme ho with flo as this would have not adequately described what I had observed. Nasdaq quite literally are not shit, or I would not waste time and words on them. In fact Ed Troup the bassist plays in most of the best bands in Manchester now: Nasdaq, FTSE100, Burnst, Wode and Plank! Dan the guitarist plays in so many combinations they are into double figures.

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