Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wode Conquer Fat at the Mill

I had a very good weekend at the Fat Out Fest, where I witnessed 32 performers bring the noise to two stages in Islington Mill. It was great that it was organised so that no bands played at the same time. The only downside was the obscene number of drunk people talking and shouting too loud whilst Jarboe was singing, with only a guitarist to accompany her. I think she might have even cut her set short becasue of it! Have some respect for the artsts and save your blather for after the gig loudmouths.

I nabbed Mugstar's setlist after they played a stormer and this was what was written:

Tech Knowl
Floatation Tank
Bethany Heart / Star

Here's a clip of Braitain's most psychedelic band in action

Here are the lucky seven bands I enjoyed most each day:

Saturday 25/8

1. Wode
2. Khuda
3. Jarboe
4. Alex Macarte
5. Queer'd Science
6. Arabrot
7. Klaus Kinski

Sunday 26/8

1. Mugstar
2. Charles Hayward
3. Kogumaza
4. Black Octagon
5. Apatt
6. Alex Tucker
7. Our Man in the Bronze Age

I guess if Jarboe had performed to a more respectful gathering or just been louder then I might have liked her best on Saturday. I certainly enjoyed the CD of hers I bought, "Mahakali." Kogumaza had only five copies of their excellent album on www.low-point.com and I got one. I also bought the beautiful silver embossed one side etched Enablers 10" "Now You Can Answer My Prayers" from www.lancashireandsomerset.co.uk  both of whom make up two third of Black Octagon.

Read more about most of the bands at www.fatout.co.uk

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