Thursday, 29 October 2009

Rocktober Records

In approximate order of number of plays / preference, here are the new releases I've been listening to in October and recommend as worthwhile:

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medecine - The Audacity of Hype
Mission of Burma - The Sound The Speed The Light
Big Sexy Noise - Big Sexy Noise
Tortoise and Colin Newman - Radio 3 Late Junction Session
Dalek - Gutter Tactics
Therapy? - Crooked Timber
Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs
Alice Donut - Ten Glorious Animals
Charles Hayward - About
Githead - Landing
TV Smith - Live in Germany
Daniel Johnston - Is and Always Was
Lisa Germano - Magic Neighbor
OOIOO - Armonica Hewa
Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights
Akimbo - Jersey Shores
Vowels - The Pattern Prism
Chuck Prophet - Let Freedom Ring
Mark Eitzel - Klamath
Ben Frost - By the Throat

Two Reissues and Two Oldies:

Magazine - Play + (adds two songs to original album and a superior Manchester gig with the late John McGeoch on guitar)

Subhumans - Death Was Too Kind (Canadian Subhumans, not Dick's merry Melksham men)

Giant Sand - Goods and Services (50p in Sierra Leone landmine victim aid charity shop - not much consolation after your arms and legs have been blown off. We should change the law so that the immoral British corporate CEOs who make parts for these mines are obliged to personally test them before export and show it live on reality TV)

The Book of Life - Hal Hartley film soundtrack with two songs each by PJ Harvey and Yo La Tengo, and most of the rest is alright. So that's a quid to feed bureaucracy that might seep into the wounds of landmine cripples, victims of greedy capitalist scum.

Eleventh Commandment: Do unto CEOs of landmine manufacturers as they have done to countless foreign farmers.

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