Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Madrid Egyptian Temple Dreamtime Apocalypse

In the early hours of The Fifteenth:

I approached Templo de Debod and walked on the Water, continuing on across stone between the looming obelisks and through the sacred gate. Inside seemed much bigger than outside. One eyed Egyptian gods went about their business of genetic manipulation combining crocodiles with humans as I made my way through a maze of stone corridors. Eventually I came to a room where Earl Edvard Graham Lewis was conversing with Sun Ra. "Man," said the space jazz instigator from Saturn, "If they won't give you the papers to play the music on this street, you gotta take the music into space where there ain't no law!"

I continued beyond that room and PJ Harvey dressed as the goddess Sekhmet took my hand and led me out of the temple and through the streets of Madrid. Jaz Coleman dressed in full war paint appeared atop the Faro screaming, "And the third angel sounded and a star fell from heaven burning as it were a lamp!"

The Sky Lit Up as an Asteroid hit close to the city which burst into flames, at which point I woke up with a bladder full of the remnants of peppermint and ginkgo tea.

"Pissing passes time" (Wire - Our Time)


1. This dream references several brilliant songs, specifically '99.9' by Wire, 'Rocket No 9' by the Sun Ra Arkestra, 'Asteroid!' by Killing Joke, 'Water' and 'The Sky Lit Up' by PJ Harvey. Less obviously the opening soundtrack should be 'Into a Swan' by Siouxsie.

2. I had just returned to grey old England, the land that bullies the "Middle East" whilst its former lying moral hypocrite of a leader pretends he can bring peace there, after a trip to sunny Spain to see Wire three times. The only time I'd been to Madrid before was to see PJ Harvey at Summer Case, but Killing Joke played there too on their last glorious European tour.

3. The last time I hit Europe Killing Joke, Wire and the Sun Ra Arkestra were all on tour concurrently. Wire and the Arkestra played Tilburg on the same day at the same festival and Wire and Killing Joke both played their own gigs in overpriced Paris on the same night. The day Wire played El Puerto de Santa MAria was PJ Harvey's fortieth birthday and the venue they played in MAdrid was moved to JOY (a PJ Harvey song) at the last moment due to licensing complications.

4. Templo de Debod is an Egyptian temple gifted to Spain and moved to the heights of Madrid brick by brick to preserve it when Nasser flooded its old location with a dam on the boundary, over and over.

5. In the Temple of Melkart, Hannibal swore his undying hatred of Rome. Isis gave birth to Horus in this very temple, although obviously not in Madrid. Napolean SPENT the night here in December 1808. The dismembered Alfonso turned in his several graves. Something snapped: another empire backfired.

6. If man is five then the devil is six. Celebrate the rebellious spirit!

7. God does not exist. Was god summoned by propaganda merchants with a a penchant for social control or alien visitations?

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