Friday, 28 February 2014

Six Silent Childless Groves

This month has been dominated by the excellence of the new albums by Thalia Zedek and Warm Widow and I wouldn't have really needed anththing else new to listen to at all, however it was great to discover the Fugazi fan friendly Silent Front who have been kicking up a racket for years, and get hold of the similarly inclined Groves CDR. Buy it from them at a gig for a mere two quid.

New albums I enjoyed:

Thalia Zedek - Six  CD (6 songs)

Warm Widow - Childless LP (8 songs)

Silent Front - Trust LP (8 songs)

Groves CDR (7 songs)

Oldies from a Silent Front gig, King Bee Records and a charity shop for African capitalist casualties:

Silent Front - Dead Lake LP 2010

Fuzz Against Junk CD 2003

Ministry - Greatest Fits 2001 CD (bargain of the month at 30p)

Sonic Youth - Live at the Continental 1986 CD

The Damned - Thanks for the night / Nasty / Do the Blitz 12" EP

Black Sabbath - Paranoid (1970, 2010 CD remaster)

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