Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Gigs

Gig of the month: Mogwai / Mugstar @ Bridgewater Hall

Loudest perfromance: Mogwai

Quietest perfromance: Poormouth

Best Venue: Bridgewater Hall

Nicest crowd: St Margarets Church for Roger Turner and Urs Leimgruber

Funniest Heckle: Someone shouted something at Stephen Malkmus who replied, "Get my cock out? That's so declasse!" The heckler heckled again that he'd actually been heckling about beer, causing Malkmus to refer to himself as the heckler's deaf uncle. It doesn't matter what you shout, your deaf uncle is funnier than you.

Most annoying person at a gig: The man in the row of seats behind me who was speaking too loud in Spanish during one of Mogwai's quieter tunes. I turned and hissed "Shut up!" at him and happily he did. Mogwai were thankfully mostly way too loud to hear the inane chatter behind and to either side of me although I did catch the gist of its importance between tunes when one of the band picked up a violin and the man to my right commented to his friend, "Look that's a violin!" Shut up and listen.

Worst drink: one can of overpriced Gay cider at Gorilla for the Malkmus gig. If some venues sold better quality drinks, they'd sell more of them.

Best drink; A whole lot more much better quality cider at Dulcimer for Desmadrados de Soldados Ventura and Castrato Attack Group.

10 Roger Turner and Urs Leimgruber / Richard Scott / Seth Bennet, Dave Birchall, Andrew Cheetham, Julie Kjaer @ St Margarets Church

15 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks / Joanna Gruesome @ Gorilla

17 Desmadrados de Soldados Ventura / Castrato Attack Group @ Dulcimer

23 Mines / Poormouth / Nick Ainsworth @ Oklahoma

27 Mogwai / Mugstar @ Bridgewater Hall

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