Friday, 15 June 2012

Shortest Tribute Band World Record

After Nightingales played Night and Day in the first week of June I was checking out the merchandise to help keep them alive a little and had the shocking revelation of Hotpants Romance first album "It's a Heatwave" in the one quid Big Print bargain bin. Lowri Hotpants bassist was standing next to me but she was more concerned with the cumbersome shape of the official Nightingales nail file. Had I thought faster I could have suggested that she sign the Heatwave bargains to help the Big Print lady free up some space under her bed. Nevermind, thanks to this incident I have now broken the world record for the World's Shortest Hotpants Romance Tribute Band in Existation. When I saw Kate hotpants drummer at the Night and Day between enjoyably noisy sets from Gnod and Bratan I sang a mutated "Stop Escaping" - 'Oh no, you're in the bargain bin!'

This amused Nick Float Riverer so much that then and there we duetted an extraordinary rendition of the new one line short Hotpants cover song "Stop Bargain Bin" and then promptly dissolved our record breaking acapella duo. Considering poor Jack White's tribulations over his shortest gig record breaking attempt, I fully expect the esteemed organ of the Guiness Book of Records to view our silly act as too trivial for inclusion. Whilst I magnanimously take this in my stride, I cannot vouch for Nick, he might well give the ghost of Roy Castle hell!

A weatherman observed, 'Now "It's A Heatwave" is in the bargain bin, we can expect the cold stormy summer to continue.'

Spot the Fugazi lyric I've plagiarised in this missive and win a free endless vacation in Fema Camp USA.

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