Friday, 15 June 2012

Lee Was Not Free

Well I like Lee Ranaldo enough to shell out thirty quid for his gig including train fare to Leeds, and it was well worth it. If I don't die first I'll write some more about it later. I know I haven't finished going on about Killing Joke but I never do!

Anyway I enjoyed these bands at gigs so far in June 2012:

Bratan duo rocking
Gnod getting psyched
before them, a man with a laptop whose name I forgot
Sunn O))) droning heavy
Bill and Ben the flowerpot men hiccuping at the Ritz
Cantaloupe getting the Fat Uncle people moving
FTSE 100
New Hips
Arts and Kraftwerk (don't tell Ralf and Florian)
Lee Ranaldo
The Piss Superstition
Kimmo Pohjonen's hilarious Accordian Wrestling
The Nightingales
Ted Chippington
No Womb

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