Thursday, 7 July 2016

Everything Turns to Shit, Except Music

During the two weeks at the end of June and the start of July when everything turned to shit I was listening to:

Thalia Zedek Band – Eve (promotional download of new album from

Tom Settle and Friends – Old Wakes 2LP

Flexibles – Pink Everything LP (Richard Youngs with his 8 year old son Soley Youngs)

Swans – The Glowing Man 2CD/DVD

Heartless Bastards – The Mountain CD (2009)

Rhys Chatham – Pythagorean Dream CD

David Grubbs – Prismrose CD

Husker Du – Do You Remember Radio? 2CD (2 gigs 1981/85)

Mogwai – Atomic CD

Sunn O))) – Kanon CD

Boston Spaceships – Camera Found the Ray Gun (4 song CDEP, 2010)

Yo La Tengo – Stuff Like That There CD

Swans – Feel Good Now CD (live 1987)

The Necks – Drive By CD (2003)

Tad – Live Alien Broadcasts

Nancy Garcia – Be the Climb CD (2009)

Bruce and Carl – This is Art (8 song tape)


I watched Under the Skin DVD and I Am Alan Partridge DVD

I read The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel

I listened to live music from Radio Birdman, Bloody Heads, Aggressive Perfektor, Denim and Leather, TV Crime, Exxxecutioner, Destruction Unit, Gnod, Richard Youngs, The Birth Marks, Bruce and Carl, Shareholder, The Rebel, Mica, Elephant Blood, Tom Settle and Edwin Stevens duo, Tekla and Tom Settle solo.

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