Thursday, 14 April 2016

WIRE Cosmosis setlist and chords

Nocturnal Koreans  EB  EGAE

Diamonds  ECDE – GBAE

Mekon Headman  FF#Aflat – A#DAflatC#

Sonic Lens  EGGflat    ECGA

Joust and Jostle  EB.EBB.DB

In Manchester  E – GA.BC

Sleepwalking  E.B  GGflat x2

Stealth of a Stork (Witness to the Fact)  BGflatGBflat

Split Your Ends  CDA.DCG

Used To  CDA.DCG

Octopus  ECGGflatA-DACB

Blessed State  AEGflatG

Harpooned  EF#.AGE

Thanks to Graham Lewis for allowing me to Take It.
I think this was Colin Newman's setlist, but not sure.

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