Thursday, 24 March 2016

Prelude to COSMOSIS

I do believe I might have been the very last punter off the Cosmosis site. A review has been spewed up for Optical Sounds and I have set lists for Wire, White Hills and Rev Rev Rev. I could scan them later maybe. I had such a great time I even enjoyed the Sleaford Mods. With apologies to Polly Harvey for going all Wm Burroughs on her lyric, and love to all those lovely ladies who I completely failed to get to come back to mine very late on Saturday. Sing this to the tune of "...The Hope Six Demolition Project"

This was Cosmosis heavy listen project
Tripping out on Trafford Wharf Road
A mind blown pathway of love
At least that's what I heard
And here's the one Stretford WIRE gig
A short walk north from my house
OK now the drinks were expensive
Cider's shite but wine's alright
In the community of dope
Hear the original PJ Harvey song here
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PJ Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition Project New Album Released 15 April 2016 Directed by Seamus Murphy Produced by James Wilson Edited by…

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