Thursday, 12 June 2014

June Records

New musical artefacts I acquired in June 2014:

1.6 Sibelius - Symphony No 1 in E Minor (from cheap record stall in a street near the Roadhouse)

1.6 Travel Expop Series #2 Great Britain: The Oscillation / Mugstar / Listening Mirror / Ben Nash (from Mugstar at their Roadhouse gig, the second to last copy they had)

7.6 Restless Palms - Impasto CDR (from Restless Palms at Hotspur House)

9.6 Tara Jane O'Neil - Companions to Where Shine New Lights tour CDR (from Tara Jane O'Neil at The Castle)

10.6 David Grubbs - Records Ruin the landscape book (from David Grubbs at Kraak)

16.6 Skullflower - Kino IV: Black Sun Rising CD (Given to me by David Armes of Last Harbour and Little Crackd Rabbit in May but only listened to it on 16.6)

17.6 Nope - Walker LP (from guitarist Andy Abbott after Nope played Gullivers)

19.6 Pere Ubu - Carnival of Souls (CD promo posted to me by Fire Records  of great new album out in September)

21.6 Guided By Voices - Motivational Jumpsuit CD (shrinkwrapped for a fiver in Vinyl Exchange and their best album since reformation)

23.6 Shatner's Vex
I didn't have long enough in Vinyl Exchange on Saturday so I went back on Monday afternoon and went through the CDs a lot more thoroughly and bought this lot, except the Harmonia CD (new in Fopp) and the Shatner's Bassoon CD, a mere fiver after they played a nice long jazz-prog set at Krobar to about twenty paying listeners. All CDs were a fiver or less, except the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project and Harmonia.

Harmonia and Brian Eno - Tracks and Traces CD 1976
High Dependency Unit - Fireworks 2001
Robert Pollard - Music for "Bubble" (a Steven Soderbergh film) CD 2005
Robert Pollard - Coast to Coast Carpet of Love 2007
The Takeovers - Bad Football 2007 (Robert Pollard)
The One Ensemble - Wayward the Fourth 2006
Macrocosmica - Art of the Black Earth 2003
Crent - Pink Album
Crevice 2
Stephen Todd & Richard Youngs - Georgians
Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project - Axels and Sockets 2014
Lau Nau - Nukkuu
Tomorrow We Sail - For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight
Thee Oh Sees - Drop
Led Bib - The People in Your Neighbourhood 2014
Shatner's Bassoon - Aquatic Ape Privilege 2013

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