Monday, 12 May 2014

May Records: Swans, etc

These are the cool new albums I've been listening to in the first two weeks of May, followed by the number of times I've listened to each one up to this day. I paid ten quid for New York punk rockers Big Ups CD after they blasted their way through Kraak Gallery DC hardcore style; all the rest were given to me by PR people, John Schmersal of Vertical Scratchers and Crooks On Tape (formerly of Enon and Brainiac) and Johnny Winbolt-Lewis of Douga, except Nicole Atkins' album witch I listened to on youtube. The Swans album is two hours of transcendent tripping into musical regions no one else has dared open up before. It could turn out to be the best album ever made; it is most certainly the best Swans album yet, a genuinely progressive vision of the violent mutation rock music should always strive for but rarely does. It is out on May 12th and if you are in a record shop next week with enough cash to bag it and you buy something else instead, then you ain't got a clue!

Swans - To Be Kind 5
Bob Mould - Beauty and Ruin 6
Vertical Scratchers - Daughter of Everything 3
Crooks On Tape - Fingerprint 1
OOIOO - Gamel 2
Skull Defekts with Daniel Higgs - Dances in Dreams of the Known and Unkown 2
Nicole Atkins - Slow Phaser 1
Douga - The Silent Well 2
Big Ups - Eighteen Hours of Static 2
Kreidler - ABC 1

Monkey Puzzle Trio - The Pattern Familiar
Prescott - One Did
Jon Porras - The Light Divide


Bo Ningen - Line the Wall 2LP 2013
"Leaving Jet Trails" Slowfoot Records sampler 2012
Robert Pollard - Elephant Jokes 2009
Robert Pollard - Mouseman Cloud
Giant Sand - The Love Songs
The Clash - Clash On Broadway 3CD 1976-82
Black Sabbath - Vol 4 1972
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality 1971

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