Friday, 25 April 2014

Bardo Pond On Top!

On Record Store Day Saturday 19th April 2014 I bought and listened to and enjoyed these records:

1. Bardo Pond "Looking for Another Place" LP (Three Lobed)
I hope for your sakes there are still a few of these beauties left in the shops. The second Bardo Pond RSD LP features another two gigantic sprawling cover versions. This time round the classics to get the joyful transcendent transformation are "Ride Into the Sun" by the Velvet Underground and "Here Come the Warm Jets" by Brian Eno. Right now these sound to me like the two best cover versions ever recorded by any band in the history of everything. Even Nirvana covering The Wipers is not as fine as this.

2. Mudhoney "On Top! Live" LP (Sub Pop)
A recent live set from a US radio broadcast finds Mudhoney kicking out the jams with the wit and wisdom of those who like it small; there were only a thousand copies and only 215 made it to Europe. I bagged the very last copy of this in Piccadilly Records so you've got no chance loser.

3. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "She's On It / Jack the Ripper" 12"
This monstrous LOUD two song twelve inch is as hot rockin' as the best of the Blues Explosion. A tenner for two songs is a bit steep unless they are as great as this. Makes a whole lot more sense than the old man I saw buying the Stranglers' "Peaches" 7" for the same price who had no intention of actually listening to it. There is something sick and wrong about consuming environmentally damaging vinyl records and not listening to them. One of these days the city will flood and all your collectable crap will be reduced to worthless flotsam. What will you do when the sea comes back? What if there's no way of turning back? Have you got enough time?

4. Glenn Jones "Welcomed Wherever I Go" 12" (Thrill Jockey)
Three fine examples of Glenn Jones' lovely guitar instrumentals; two live recordings and a fabulous never made public before out-take. The music explains exactly why Glenn is welcomed wherever he goes and why Thrill Jockey is the best record label in the world.

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