Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Shellac Birmingham 25/11

The set for Shellac's gig at the Rainbow Warehouse was something like this, at least as I recall it:

You Came in Me
My Black Ass
Steady As She Goes

The song that starts with Steve Albini singing, "Shoulda buried you in the desert"

I asked Bob the title of this relatively new song after the gig and he told me but I had drunk enough rum to forget what he said. They played it at last years ATP festival and there is a poor quality version bootleg on the net.

Bob answered some questions. I asked what his favourite Wire album was and he replied "Ideal Copy, er I dunno." Someone asked when a new Shellac album would be out and he said within 6 months. After the gig he told me it's be out in 2-3 months and would be called 'Dude Incredible' making it the first Shellac album with a title track.

A Minute
Squirrel Song
Riding Bikes

More questions for Bob. I asked what the new songs were called which is how I know that Riding Bikes is Riding Bikes and the next song was

Fight Song
The Peoples' Microphone ( a new instrumental)
Prayer to God
Dude Incredible

The new songs sounded more energetic than previously which bodes well for the new album.

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