Monday, 7 January 2013

Wode Blast Off 2013!

A mighty blast of Wode ( was as good a way as I could wish for to start my gigging year. They played the best they ever have at Kraak on the 6th of January, although it was a shorter set because they were first band on, followed by Burial (who gave me a three song CDR), Terij de Horde and the Great Old Ones. After I'd added to my ear damage once again, Dom from Politburo who also runs Kraak Galery as you probably know, gave me a copy of the new Politburo CD ( which is very nice. They have a CD launch the same night dBh and McWatt play the Britons, but it may well run later so it looks like the first two gigs in one night of 2013!

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