Thursday, 18 March 2010

April Gigs in Manchester

1 Ala Muerte / The Death of Her Money - Fuel

5 Mount Eerie / Irma Vep - Ruby Lounge

6 Last Harbour - Deaf Institute

11 Russian Circles / Earthless - Islington Mill

15 The Total Vermin Recording Company presents
Islington Mill, James Street, Salford M3
£4 Entry on the door
Moon Unit is a soaring and pounding space rock group from Glasgow, Scotland, with forthcomingLPs on Blackest Rainbow and Krayon Recordings. Previously having swung through these parts asNackt Insecten Trio, the now more democratically-monikered group, consisting of Ruaraidh Sanachan(Nackt Insecten), Andreas Jonsson (Lanterns) and Peter Kelly (Sexy Entourage), are back to openyour third eye. Prepare for electronic meditation and heavy levitation.
If you’ve caught Irma Vep before, you’ll know the score. Edwin Stevens, a welsh Jim Morrison foryour generation, and his wee gang of reprobates twist blues and folk forms into perplexing futureshapes, extended song-trees of self-absorption/annihilation.
Barbarian siblings CK Dexter-Haven (Giant Tank, Hockyfrilla, Smegma(!)) and Smear Campaign(Ghost of an Octopus, Mid Leopard Violet Prism, The Gamecock) lock malformed horns as Tube ofMould, oozing psychedelic primitivism and sensory displacement. Lock up your livestock!

18 Master Musicians of Bukkake / Boann Quartet / Bill Horist - Islington Mill

22 Lone Lady - Opera House (with Chris Cunninghman and These New Puritans)

23 Boann Trio -Fuel

25 Mark Lanegan - Academy

25 Gil Scott Heron - Opera House

If you are reading this and know of any other good Manchester gigs that I haven't listed feel free to let me know by email

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