Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year Noise in Dirty Ol' Manchester

As usual January is thin on gigs, which is a blessing if all the venues don't turn the heating on during snowstorms like the misers at the Kings Arms. The last gig I went to in 2009 was upstairs in this Salford pub. I watched Serpentine Pad, Stray Light, Fat Elvis and a band with no name play very short sets. I was wearing two coats, a shirt, three T-shirts and a jumper and still I was so cold I had to go and warm up using the hand dryer in the toilet. The next day I almost coughed up my right lung with pneumonia. At least they serve nice real cider, not that corporate chemical bubbly crap Strongbow. Don't book a gig there in the winter though.

%%% January %%%

16 Stupids / Revenge of the Psychotronic Man - Retrobar £5 7.30pm-2am

16 Former Bullies / Irma Vep - Islington Mill FREE

17 Vivian Girls - Deaf Institute £8

18 Rolo Tomassi - Deaf Institute
Yes this venue has heating, and they use it!

20 Baroness - Islington Mill

28 Marble Valley - Dulcimer
A great fun gig from Pavement drummer's other band. You missed it?

29 Danny Saul and some other musicians - Kings Arms, turn the heater on misers!!! £3 plus big some spare cash for the electric metre and hope the neighbours don't complain.

30 Plank! / Former Bullies / Gideon Conn / Pens - Jabez Clegg, starts 10pm, Plank on at 6.15, over a tenner on the door with lots of bands who might be quite boring? Friends of Mine festival

31 Lou Barlow - Deaf Institute £10

%%% February %%%

4 The Ex and Brass Unbound / Zun Zun Egui - Deaf Institute £8
This could well be gig of the first bit of the year

6 She Keeps Bees - Dulcimer

8 Dan Friel / Plank! - The Corner

11 Beach House - Islington Mill (Pineapple Folk) £9

12 MV & EE / The Doozer / Irma Vep - Islington Mill (Golden Lab) £6

14 Hot Pants Romance afternoon prom - Islington Mill

15 Crash of Rhinos / Wooderson / NASDAQ / Well Wisher - Satan's Hollow
NASDAQ is FTSE 100 playing different music

22 Serpentine Pad - Tiger Lounge (The Big Dig) FREE

23 Xiu Xiu - Islington Mill (Wot God Forgot)

24 Salford Concert Series w/ Toshimaru Nakamura - Islington Mill

25 Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra / DBH - Green Rom £3

26 Moloch - ex-Army Of Flying Robots - raw, brutal, doom-rock, riffs, greatness -
Closure - Leeds grindcore plus heavy slow bits - good band
Stinky Wizzleteat - top-notch Brummy sludge-stoners
We Happened Next - local thrash duo - lightning fast, gr - Royal Oak, Chorlton

27 Plank / Klaus Kinski; unpredictable disco-noise-bash /NASDAQ - Fuel £3

28 Kong / Apes Fight Back - Ruby Lounge


1 Plank! support DD/MM/YY - Ruby Lounge

5 LoneLady - Ruby Lounge

7 White Hills / Pontiack - Ruby Lounge

11 Retribution Gospel Choir - Ruby Lounge (Wot God Forgot) £8
Low's Alan Sparhawke's harder rockin' trio

11 Autechre - Pure... OOPS Big Gig Clash!!!
Rock hellfire vs. mouse pushers, where is Pure anyway?

19 Former Bullies - Night and Day

20 Lightning Ensemble featuring Evan Parker

Evan Parker: Saxophones
Richard Scott: Buchla Lightning
Stephen Grew: Piano
Phillip Marks: Percussion

Cross Street Chapel

20 The Stranglers - Academy

21 A Silver Mount Zion - Academy

22 The Album Leaf - Deaf Institute

25 Picastro / Paddy Steer - Dulcimer

26 Bad Uncle - Fuel

27 Neil Young tribute /open mic - Fuel

28 The Noise Upstairs - Fuel

31 Former Bullies - Trof Northern Quarter

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