Tuesday, 17 November 2009

November Noise

Here are the new album releases from 2009 that I listened to and enjoyed for the first time in the month of November. Time is money, and with many CDs now selling for less than the cost of postage, there is no time.

MELT BANANA LITE Live Ver 0.0 (A-Zap) £12.99
This was advertised as being released on the ninth at a special low price of £9.99 by Piccadilly Records. I bought it there about a week earlier. This must be the only time I can remember an album coming out early. Maybe MxBx lite experiments are causing time anomalies? Time is money and it was still at a special low price, but now the special low price was £11.99. Martin short changed me by a quid, but I didn't care as Vinyl Exchange usually knock a couple of quid off my purchases so it all balances out. Maybe Piccadilly are charging a 'booking fee' on compact discs now? The only criticism that could be thrown at this brilliant band is that this live mutation is less than half an hour of sheer noisy bliss. This album therefore confirms the general theory of capitalist boredom that less time equals more money. Much better than that mediocre Sonic Youth album that everyone at Piccadilly Records was wanking themselves silly to.

CALIFONE All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (Dead Oceans) £10
I doubt they'll ever surpass the sheer majesty of "Roots and Crowns" but this is still superb and I've played it a hell of a lot. Vinyl Exchange had promos without the very nice cover for a mere four quid! Any journalist who sold this deserves a burning fag in the eyeball.

FLAMING LIPS Embryonic £7 plus £3 exchange on an Ivor Cutler CD
The twits at Pomona PR who inundate my inbox with information about boring bands I'm not interested in couldn't be bothered to spare me a paltry CDR despite sending an unrequested oversized scan of the cover, so I went to a shop and bought a long slowburner that could turn out to be the best Flaming Lips album since their "Zaireeka" zenith.

MUDHONEY Live at El Sol £6
Promo copy some asshole journalist who probably prefers dweeb Doherty or gay disco flogged for drug money. I got it so keep it outta your face. Bird flu? What's new?

EVANGELISTA Prince of Truth (Constellation) £6
Unopened promo, yet more proof that many music journalists should be shot when the revolution comes. Still, the poor dears need to fuel their addictions to smelly cash crops.

THE COURTESY GROUP Tradesman's Entrance FREE from Cargo
Promo sent to me by Cargo with Githead and my second copy of Mission of Burma's brilliant album. Sounds exactly like The Ex, only not as good. I've played it just once as of 13/11. One of these days I hope to play it again, but preferably not in Birmingham.

BLK JKS After Robots CDR 50p
I thought I'd check this South African quartet out as the blurb Ciaran sent before he put them on at the Mill was intriguing and a CDR promo was handily flogged to Vinyl Exchange for fuck all. They are quite original and good fun live.

Yet another CDR promo that an idiot at the eNMEy didn't listen to. I have given it one spin as of 13/11 and rather enjoyed it.

Robin and I have helped a landmine victim a little. Might be more use if we just blew up the factories that make the mines. This is pleasant, in a late night Radio Two kind of way. Peter Buck plays guitar, if you care about shit like that.

LOU BARLOW Goodnight Unknwn 20p
Way better than later Sebadoh or Folk Implosion, but not as great as the awesome Dinosaur Jr reformation, this promo remains the property of Domino Recording co, so I live in fear that Laurence Bell will break into my home to steal it back any day now. Lou has also helped a cripple buy a bowl of rice for a day. Thanks Mr Barlow!

FOOT VILLAGE Friendship Nation £10 vinyl!
Bought this from this manic four drum assault group from LA when they blasted the dust out of The Corner. If Laurence Bell tries to take it they'll kick his ass!

DIGITAL LEATHER Warm Brother FREE from Gold Star
CDR promo that I miraculously found enough time to listen to and didn't sell for 15p. I thought it sounded a bit like Pavement but not as good. Is that too many words for a review, editor?

ALLEN TOUSSAINT The Bright Mississippi 20p
More paltry help for landmine victims and a woogie boogie rest for my ears after a hard days Therapy? nostalgia.

JOKER'S DAUGHTER The Last Laugh 50p
Domino Recording Co. has the last laugh but gave it away. I paid half a quid for it and they think they still own it. What's up with that Mr Bell? You can have this one back if you must, but can I keep that nice Lou Barlow CD please? Bell is the law!

I have also been enjoying listening to older albums by Hot Snakes, Yo La Tengo, Oxbow, Bellini, Hugh Cornwell, Kinski, Frank Black, Beach House, Speck Mountain, Screaming Trees, Elvis Costello and the Imposters, The Fall, Jawbox, Jeffrey Lewis Crass covers, Dead C, Shipping News, Will Oldham, Philip Jeck, No Man, Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, White Magic, Stiff Little Fingers, Therapy? and the Jesus Lizard, each costing between 20p and £15.

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